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Twickenham Riverside: Council's latest 'consultation' until 3rd February
(The consultation was in 2021)

Richmond council’s latest consultation continues until Wednesday 3rd February. Until that date you can view the latest design proposal from Hopkins Architects and provide your feedback in an online questionnaire.

View design boards of the latest Hopkins proposal at:

Complete the questionnaire at:

Public presentation
There is a second, and final, public Zoom meeting on Saturday 23rd January at 11.00am to 12.30pm, which will feature a presentation by Hopkins Architects and the council, and which will give you the opportunity to ask questions. Registration for the event closes one hour before the session.
You can register for the Zoom meeting at:

We are disappointed that the design offers nothing to create a magnet to attract residents and visitors to the riverside, such as a Lido or other attraction. There are no boathouses and there is no proper town square, other than a designated event space on the Embankment, which is in the flood zone and shares the Embankment with a road access for large lorries connecting Water Lane and Wharf Lane. Whatever happened to the promise of a vehicle free riverside?

The Diamond Jubilee Gardens has lost its identity and has become a loosely linked collection of terraced landscaping. It is understood that the Twickenham Riverside Trust are unhappy with the council’s proposal, which could prompt the council to follow through with its threat to take back the Trust’s lease via a Compulsory Purchase Order.

The Stakeholder Representative Group (appointed by the council) has repeatedly raised concerns about the council’s proposed design, but these have been ignored.

Please ensure that your voice is heard and complete the questionnaire.

The latest Twickenham Alive concept video for Twickenham Riverside can be seen below. A lido is one of the facilities wanted by thousands of local people who have signed the petition and left comments.