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Twickenham Lido/Twickenham Alive and the Market Concept

The “Twickenham Lido”/Twickenham Alive modern market concept is an amalgamation of two widely acclaimed ultra-modern markets: food and drink in Rome and a modern take on a traditional market in Barcelona – both markets have considerable style and enormous variety.

The Mercato Centrale in the Termini in Rome is a feast of food and drink: Mediterranean, European, street food and good wines – an extravaganza for the foodie. And on top of all this – literally – there is a first class restaurant where you can watch the world go by, on the floor below.

Mercato Rome Mercato Rome Mercato Rome


The San Antonio market in Barcelona was originally built in 1882 and a refurbished version was opened earlier this year; an Aladdin’s cave of fresh food and an eclectic mix of everything you might want to buy. In true continental style, food and drink is available for those who might want to just sit and enjoy the life around them.

San Antonio market in Barcelona San Antonio market in Barcelona San Antonio market in Barcelona


As with the lido concept, regeneration and social interaction is our theme for introducing the market - an addition to the sport and leisure on the site; something for everyone.

Key words: open up the riverside, economic growth, job creation, income generation, regeneration, pedestrianisation, easy access, social hub, market, community café, good food, sport and leisure, history (lido, ice rink, Richmond House). LIDOS ALIVE ICERINX RICHMOND HOUSE

– a social hub: a lido, ice rink, sport and leisure, good food, a new shopping experience.