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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Twickenham Lido just an outdoor swimming pool?
No and it cannot be compared to a municipal swimming pool as it is so much more. As well as an outdoor swimming pool the lido will include a health spa with sauna, steam room, hot tubs along with a restaurant and cafe.

Food prices at the lido will be commensurate with many of the popular cafes and restaurants in Twickenham; breakfast, tapas or a full meal. Cakes, snacks and afternoon tea will also be available.

You could just have a coffee and croissant in the cafĂ© while taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi or splash out with fillet steak  in the restaurant, the choice is yours.  What you can count on however is quality.

How much of the site will be used by the lido complex?
The lido complex will use around a quarter of the site leaving plenty of space for the requirements in the Council’s Brief. Thus it would be possible to amalgamate this proposal with another plan, including the provision of a new town square.

There would be space in front of the glass lido building and wide steps for easy access that can also be used as seating for performances which may take place on the Embankment. It would be possible to allow for direct access to the Diamond Jubilee Gardens from the lido.

Why didn’t the Council reinstate the lido which was originally on Diamond Jubilee Gardens?
We believe this was too expensive but now we have private funding to replace the lido.

Is the lido exclusive?
No. There is the option to pay a monthly membership fee which will be economic for those who wish to use the lido complex regularly. However, anyone can just walk in and pay to use the pool and spa facilities for a day session; the poolside cafe and restaurant will be open to everyone.

There will also be promotions with discounts, some including food in the restaurant. There will be special discounts for Richmond Card holders.

The ethos behind the lido is that anyone can use it, either to swim, relax or enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe a cake or snack. The local community is welcome to come and sit with a cup of tea or coffee overlooking the constant trickle of water from the infinity pool.

Why do you think this would be good for Twickenham?
There has been a lot of talk over the years of regenerating Twickenham and connecting the town to the River Thames which runs through the town.

A lido complex of this quality would bring people to the town and act as a magnet to kick start regeneration of the high street.

See what the people of Twickenham have to say:

I am signing this as a lido would offer so many opportunities to the Twickenham river front and help to regenerate the area and return the town back to its splendid past.

Because a lido would put the heart and soul back into the riverside. As someone who has visited the Clifton Lido I've seen what a positive financial and social impact it can have on a community.

I used the old Twickenham Pool regularly and have always mourned its passing. Twickenham is a pretty boring town with very little other than shops and restaurants. I feel a Lido would be a huge asset to the area and bring the much needed public benefiting the whole town.

Finally a proposal that will help the regeneration of the town centre by creating a destination for young and old.

See what the people of Twickenham have to say:

Twickenham deserves a facility local people actually want!

It's the right thing to do and it's about time.

I love this idea and have thought for a number of years it would be a great addition to the area, for locals and visitors alike.

Beneficial to the health and enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

As a former long-term resident of Twickenham, I brought my family up there, I have always wondered why nothing could be done to re-vamp this site - it is a fabulous proposal - please do it!

I grew up there as a child and the outdoor pool was amazing in the summer. I think it will encourage more people to come to the riverside as well as a sports facilities for swimmers and triathletes.

It is a no brainer! Twickenham riverside could be so much better than it is and a plan like this should have been actioned years ago!